Do you love intermeshing traditional, local style with modern elements?
So we do! We have a broad portfolio of materials coming directly from the island. It does not matter if you wish Sardinian floor tiles, individual wall paintings or a Sardinian-style barbeque in your kitchen. As we have specialists who are 100% confident with the sardinian culture we can assure you that the result of their work inside of your villa will be as perfect as it could be. If you want us to go ahead with your furniture there is the possibility to furnish every single room with exquisite, handmade, Italian design accessories.

Of course, it is nice to have a genuine Italian flair around you but it is sometimes also necessary to bring some special items from your home country that you do not want to miss in Sardinia. Therefore we cooperate with an international logistics company that will be at your side.


Regarding the opportunities for the exterior, we can transform your piece of land into a beautiful Mediterranean garden with single or multiple pools and whirlpools. It is self-evident that pool boys can be at your service.

An outdoor barbeque place is a must for long summer nights on your extensive terrasse. While watching the sunset you will enjoy a drink at the outdoor bar in your garden.

If you wish we will also install a vegetable garden. If you do not have the time to look after your garden we can provide you with gardeners who will take care of your growings.